PS White Associates
Client Services

Search Strategy

Step One: Position Overview

We develop an in-depth understanding of the position to be filled as well as a background of the client organization--their mission, corporate culture, and scope of operations. We then ascertain the primary responsibilities, key priorities, and place within the organizational hierarchy of the position in question. In partnership with the client, we develop selection evaluation criteria in order to target the best possible candidates for our client.

Step Two: Candidate Profile

We create a profile of the "ideal candidate:" educational background, professional experience level, necessary skills and qualifications, management capabilities and style, and career orientation. Once the profile is developed, we utilize our research capabilities and industry networks to identify potential candidates. We provide targeted candidate recommendations; therefore, streamlining the candidate selection process by eliminating unnecessary and time-consuming "mass mailings" of resumes in order to hone in on the right candidate.

Step Three: Candidate Development

We actively pursue and evaluate appropriate individuals to present a roster of on-target candidates to the client. We provide career summaries and make all necessary arrangements for interviews. Bi-weekly status reports provide details about individuals whom we have contacted in regard to the position. If a position does not generate a significant level of interest from the target candidates, we can consult with the client and revise the assignment as necessary.

Once the client has selected a final candidate, we act as liaison to facilitate an acceptance offer. If desired by the client, we will conduct a full reference check on the candidate.