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Frequently Asked Questions

How much experience does P. S. White Associates, Inc. have in the financial recruiting field?
P. S. White Associates, Inc. has been in business since 1989. Our recruiters have more than 30 years of combined recruiting experience.
Do you work on a retained or contingency basis?
We work on both a retained and a contingency basis depending on the client's needs. If the client chooses to work on a retained basis, P. S. White Associates, Inc. is paid a fee in advance to secure the services of our experienced recruiters regardless if the candidate presented is placed within the hiring organization. The time and effort in conducting a targeted executive search requires a partial payment or "promise" before the search process commences. If our candidate is hired by the client, the balance of the fee is due upon the candidate's start date.
If a client elects to work on a contingency basis, P. S. White Associates, Inc. receives payment only if the candidate that they are presenting is hired. P. S. White Associates, Inc. and the client agree upon a placement fee prior to starting the search process and presenting candidates.
Do you prescreen and reference candidates?
Not only do we prescreen and reference candidates, we try to look beyond the candidate's presentation to assess his or her values and qualities in relation to the requirements of the position.
How can you save us time and money?
Our database, web site, and contacts give our professional staff an edge in identifying candidates quickly and pre-identifying the best potential candidates.
Does your firm have a code of ethics?
As members of the Mid-Atlantic Association of Personnel Consultants (MAAPC), we follow its established code of ethics.
Do you guarantee placements?
Yes, each search has specific guarantee performances for permanent placements (those lasting more than 60 days and are considered full-time positions versus part-time or temporary positions). We pride ourselves on a 98% retention rate; one of the highest in the recruitment industry.
What sets you apart from other financial recruiting firms?
Integrity, professionalism, and confidentially are our standards of excellence. We only refer the most qualified candidates available whose experience, skill set, and personality fit your company's individual needs. We communicate with candidates through their transitional period to ensure their success. In addition, we stay in touch with our clients on a regular basis to stay abreast of the bank's growth, successes, and recruiting requirements.