PS White Associates
About Us


We are client-focused.
As a service-oriented agency, P. S. White Associates, Inc.
is dedicated to building solid, long-term relationships with clients and candidates through responsiveness, face-to-face interaction, and continuous follow-up.
We use an entrepreneur's approach to crafting solutions for our clients.
P. S. White Associates, Inc. is empowered to craft solutions which meet the needs and demands of the local market, the client, and cultural considerations. Our employees are innovative at every level.
We make good on our promise of fast service.
Once we have a job order, P. S. White Associates, Inc. works around the clock until the position is filled.
We use technology to stay ahead of the game.
By staying on top of state-of-the-art information services,
P. S. White Associates, Inc. can always knowledgeably address the unique challenges our clients face.
We earn our clients' trust.
Executives and professionals all over the northeast value
P. S. White Associates, Inc. as a partner who will help them maximize their success because the clients' needs always come first.